Meet Sasha

Sasha Elizar, Neuroscience PhD Student

Functional Nutrition Coach


I help spiritual millennials incorporate psychotherapeutic practices in their daily life so they can live powerfully, access greater levels of creativity, intuition, and connection, and achieve more in less time.

During my years of overcoming addiction, I've found that most human suffering stems from unresourceful thinking and self-limiting beliefs.


Most of us are aware of that inner critic, but how do we actually transform pessimistic thinking that blocks us from receiving our greatest inspiration? By integrating neuroscience, psychology, quantum physics, and spirituality, I help my clients develop the tools and skill sets to transform their energy so they can share their gifts with the world.  

Through my bio-individualized approach, I help my clients implement healthy lifestyle rituals so they can experience less stress and more energy, clarity, and hormone balance.

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