Infinite Emergence affirms the boundless possibilities present in the universe and therefore within us. We see Nature as a wise, unifying force, and subsequently affirm the power of the human body's and mind's capacity to heal given the right ingredients at the right time. 

Unleash your mind and activate your potential.



I'm the founder of Infinite Emergence, and I live to help people optimize their physical and mental health so they can move through the world more peacefully, clearly, and confidently.


Integrating science and intuition, my results-driven program Grow Your Wild is designed to help ambitious rebels resolve their mental misalignments so they can build a career doing what they love.

My approach weaves energetic, epigenetic, molecular, cellular, and systems approaches to harmonize the brain, clear inflammation, and balance hormones, leaving you feeling revitalized, connected, focused, and in flow.


I graduated with a B.A. in Cell Biology and Neuroscience from Rutgers University. My thesis focused on how gut microbiota metabolites affect central nervous system autoimmunity in multiple sclerosis. I'm also a trainee of MindBodyGreen Functional Nutrition Coaching.

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