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Universal Love

Love is the most powerful force of human existence and for as long as I live, I will cultivate it because I know there is nothing that makes me feel more alive, nothing that resonates harder in my cells than love.

I’m talking about self-love, romantic love, platonic love, familial love, chosen family, unconditional positive regard for humanity, and awe. Love has the power to evolve humans to the next level. Love is a force that transcends space and time.

From the cosmos, to mother Earth, to the synapses that fire in unique combinations to articulate new realities and uncover new truths that transcend limitations of the mind, to synchronicity in distinct experience, to melding, baring, opening, surrendering, to transcending our ability to understand our inner workings but allowing our inner workings to innerstand us. Love is connection, and everything is connected.

Conscious beings bridge the quantum with the cosmic.

We are the missing link. We are the key to the Unified Theory of Everything. Every step we take, every path each one of us forges, makes a difference in this universe. We are living in unique times and with unique opportunities to reach out and connect in a portal universe, a virtual reality in tandem with our tangible, visceral experience. This opens so many opportunities for cross-linking people, ideas, energy, matter. We are becoming one giant, coherent, breathing super-organism without even realizing it–so naturally and spontaneously. We’re all here to give that gift that is unique to our journey. Our gift is revealed by eye-opening experiences that mold our minds and reveal inner truth. We shape the unfolding of this planet’s history. It is Everything. Everything flows within us. Energy, vibrational frequencies, information. It all makes up everything in this universe irrespective of our understanding of the inner workings–they must be intelligent because we are intelligent. Different forms mirroring the same cohesive meaning.

We naturally cease to understand things that become more distant from our everyday experience that we were evolutionarily selected to hone in on. It doesn’t mean that we will not someday understand it–the parts of the greater whole–on an increasingly deeper level. We are trailblazers that become increasingly more whole in our search for Truth. No matter what we uncover, it will ultimately aspire to truth over ego in service of the ultimate good. Intuition, the seat of the soul (i.e. bottom-up rather than top-down signals) is trying to guide our pure awareness towards truth–this is our primordial Source energy sending us messages, trying to build us up to our highest form, if we let it. There’s a reason we’ve been successful all these years and why we’re insanely, infinitely more brilliant than we can comprehend. The CEO repeatedly underestimates the workers even though they’re the backbone of the operation, they make the magic happen. Do you even comprehend how absurd it is to be consciously aware right now, like what even is the mind? We barely understand the universe, let alone ourselves. We must dig within, dive deep to uncover profound realizations. As Eckhart Tolle said, it is the collection of Nows that brought us to where we are today.

art by Brenda Erickson

There is so much beauty in life you were put here to enjoy. Love your flaws; they help make you the essence of you. Someday, we'll be gone; thus is the nature of life–ethereal, ephemeral, stunning, magical, iterative, synergistic, better every time. It just makes me appreciate the gift of life even more. It just makes me want to bask in the present even more. It is good to maintain a certain level of unattachment and understanding that nothing is ours to keep; thus is the nature of the universe–wild, untamable, and absolutely gorgeous.