End-of-Year Vision Board Reflection

The winter solstice heralds some of the coldest, shortest days of the year. As a result, December is an ideal time for rest and reflection. Every year, I make a new vision board, and every year, I assess my progress towards my goals and plan for the future. (This is an end-of-year ritual I started in 2016. See my earlier vision boards and how they’ve helped me here.)

So… how’d I do?

2018 Goal Achievement Inventory:

[✓] 1. Eat good and healthy food (like sushi) while saving money [✓] 2. See a tropical sunset [✓] 3. Work more on blog (600% growth in one year) [ ] 4. See tropical waterfall (like in Costa Rica)

[✓] 5. Travel (Went to Barcelona and Paris) [✓] 6. Witness the beauty of the forest (went camping and hiking) [✓] 7. Palm trees (Miami) [ ] 8. Try van life, backpacking, or other minimalist lifestyles

[✓] 9. Learn shuffling/cutting shapes (all comes down to practice) [✓] 10. Unplug from technology, put the phone down, and live life (had no phone for a week) [ ] 11. Visit Costa Rica [✓] 12. Write more (used journal to multiply blog content)

[✓] 13. De-clutter, organize (done in August, but it’s an ongoing lifestyle) [ ] 14. Visit California [✓] 15. Meditate and sit in silence and stillness with myself in nature [✓] 16. Go to festivals (Camp Bisco, Electric Zoo)

Overall, I had a 75% success rate on reaching my vision board goals this year. I consider this a huge win, especially since life usually doesn’t turn out the way you expect. I believe that my success largely hinges on the intentional act of creating a visual representation of my goals. This makes them seem more attainable and motivates me to turn them into reality.

I have so much to be grateful this year, and I acknowledge that many changes will occur over the several few months as I graduate college and define my career. Setting healthier lifestyle habits has strengthened my intuition and has led me to set more ambitious goals for 2019.

2019 Vision Board Goals

[✓] 1. Go extreme ziplining (extreme zipline tours in Colorado)

[✓] 2. Grow a new vegetable in the garden (grew radishes)

[✓] 3. Build a sense of community and collaborate with spiritual, creative individuals

[ ] 4. Travel to a tropical rainforest

[ ] 5. Freedom: increase my financial independence through multiple streams of income

[✓] 6. Meditate every day for 30 days (all of June, and last 10 weeks of 2019)

[ ] 7. Write a book

[✓] 8. See the mountains (Colorado)

[✓] 9. Learn video editing on PC and upload videos to YouTube/blog (to upload January 2020)

[✓] 10. Go to two festivals (Buku, Beardfest, and Electric Zoo)

[✓] 11. Become a health- and environmentally-conscious consumer (replaced plastic water bottles with glass and stainless steel)

[ ] 12. Go camping

[✓] 13. Go bouldering (Sedona, AZ)

[✓] 14. Health and fitness: get closer to a plant-based, organic diet and cut down on meat

[✓] 15. Revitalize my room for calmness, clarity, and creativity while letting go of what no longer serves me

[ ] 16. Go jet skiing

What's your vision?

No matter where you are in your life journey, every year, every day, every moment is a new beginning. You always have the opportunity to raise your vibration and connect to your highest self. Believe in and seize the opportunity, and you’re well on your way towards living your best life.

I hope this can inspire others to create a vision board. If you create your own vision board, I’d love to see it! Feel free to tag me on Instagram @infiniteemergence and/or use the hashtags #infiniteemergence and #visionboard.